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Alexi Pappas: Running's Sweetheart

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           Usually when you hear about a runner it's because she/He ran a fast time, but that's not always the case for Alexi. She's also known for racing in her homemade singlets, having a odd but great best friend-ship with Jordan Hasay, and her race day buns. Pappas wasn't always a runner, she played soccer her high-school years and went to Darmouth for academics not sports, but joined the team her freshmen year. She went from not being able to contribute to a 3rd place finish at the NCAAs, racing in the steeplechase at the Olympic trials and helping the ducks win the NCAA cross-country and indoor championship her senior year. The new member of OTC is not just a runner but also a writer, actress and filmmaker. She'll have lots of big news for us in the future and i'm pretty excited!

Q - Whats your favorite thing about running?

A - My favorite thing about running is when I feel like I'm on some sort of mission or adventure-- nothing rules more than getting *almost* lost in the woods with a running companion or two, and then emerging with a few scratches, muddy shins, and the smell of the woods still hanging onto the sports bra. I think this sense of adventure is one reason why I love cross country and why I also love the steeple chase in different but equal ways, because there is an extra element of thrill during the race that allows one to forget she is running in circles.

Q - What was your first impression of Jordan Hasay?

A - I first met Jordan when I raced her back in our high school days-- I really just didn't want to get lapped by her. At Oregon, Jordan welcomed me as her teammate and friend, and I had a hope that we could build the teammate-ship that eventually grew, but I couldn't have imagined I'd get the best friend-ship that followed. 

Q - Any updates on your movie?

A - Writing the next feature this summer.... a fiction film about running! Keep posted on twitter-- website and exciting updates in the near future. Get hype.

Q - Congrats on the contract with OTC! Do you have Rio 2016 in mind? And what other long term goals do you have set for the future?

A - I do have Rio 2016 in mind, and hopefully many *fast* tasks before that as well. Long-term, I want to see how much damage I can do and fun I can have with the sport. OTC is a dream team for me, because the coaching, team-focus, and ideal Eugenie running environment will allow me the space and time to dedicate myself to the pro running life. I hope to discover what I am capable of in the sport. I feel like a bit of a late running-bloomer, but better late than never! Right now, I know I can compete mentally in the sport, but I still have much to learn and many miles to run.

Most of all, I look forward to repping the OTC with bravery, and hopefully making my new teammates (so exciting!) proud.

Q - Whats your favorite band and/or artist?

A - I drive to Best Coast, I jam to Kanye, I melt to Tennis, I dance to Drake, I girly-time to YaYaYas, I cook to Regina Spektor, I do Jeremy-Lexi-film-talk to Woody Allen-ey music, I dad-daughter-time with the Beatles, I write to Lana DelRay, I prerace to MIA.

Q - How did the whole "Alexi bun" thing start?

A - This picture (below) of my soccer playing days, which was when the bun was first born. Then, though, there were two buns! I used to wear two buns, but one mysteriously disappeared when I started high school. I wear the bun to keep my unruly curly hair off my neck, and because it makes me feel like a *queen* even when I look like a disaster (end of the race).

Oregon Bun
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  1. The picture of the girl sticking out her tongue displays life size beautifully. Very clear and sharp and she looks like she is looking right at me sticking out her tongue LOL. Every time I look at her she cracks me up LOL!